Harry Potter: Rupert Grint Hates This Thing That The Fans Do


Harry Potter star Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley has revealed the one thing Harry Potter fans do that he hates – and he has a point.

Speaking to Radio Times, Rupert opened up about how he still gets a lot of attention from fans of the Wizarding World on the street, and that although it’s mostly “manageable”, it doesn’t come without its perils.

Blasphemy! Rupert Grint says he doesn't enjoy watching Harry Potter

“It’s definitely manageable,” he said of the fan attention. “I end up having to take a selfie [for a fan] most days, but I’ve never really minded if it makes people happy – though I hate it when people take pictures without asking.

“It was really exciting when I was about 11 or 12, but it got harder in my teenage years. Sometimes you just want to be invisible.”

Rupert Grint

And that definitely does make sense – taking daily photos on the street is one thing, but having your privacy invaded when you’re not expecting it is a totally different matter.

Rupert Grint also went on to reveal that he can’t actually enjoy the JK Rowling series anymore ( side note: WHAT? BLASPHEMY), adding:

“I think being in things ruins them for me.

“I can’t enjoy Harry Potter any more, not as a fan – it’s just not the same!”

In that case Rupert, we’ll enjoy it for you – and be considering you lived it, your experience of the Harry Potter franchise is probably far better, anyway.

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Source: cosmopolitan