NCIS Season 15: Maria Bello & Mark Harmon Feuding In Real Life? Mark Harmon Reveals Work Relationship


Mark Harmon’s exit from NCIS rumors never really stopped even though he is still clearly a part of NCIS Season 15. And in fact, reports even claimed that Maria Bello’s arrival on the hit series is proof that the veteran star’s journey is definitely far from over. But are the new co-stars also feuding in real life just like their characters on the CBS show?

Although Mark Harmon’s Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Maria Bello’s Jack Sloane can’t seem to see eye to eye in NCIS Season 15, that is certainly not the case for the stars when the cameras stopped rolling. As a matter of fact Mark was all praises when talking about his new co-star.

“It’s so terrific having Maria Bello join us this season [as forensic psychologist Jack Sloane]. She’s not just a great actress. She wants to be with us. That says a lot.”

Earlier reports revealed that although their characters will have a rocky start, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jack Sloane will eventually form a special bond. And with this newly added concept of Mark Harmon’s character, it just goes to show that he still has a purpose.

Although the addition of Maria Bello’s character will definitely add more spice to Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ life, her arrival is not the main reason why the actor is still a part of NCIS Season 15.

But the truth of the matter is that Mark Harmon is still under contract. The actor will be the first one to admit that he doesn’t have the power to know what the future lies for NCIS. And just as long as he can still star in the hit CBS series, he will still be a part of it.

But, if he is indeed suffering from a serious illness like previous reports claimed, there is a high chance that changes in the script could be done for him to get an earlier break.

The actors’ health instantly became a hot topic after fans noticed that Mark was looking extra thin in NCIS Season 14. As if concerns about his alleged frail condition are not enough, rumors about him leaving the hit CBS series have started to swirl as well.

Mark Harmon has yet to comment on his alleged health issues.

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