Rian Johnson Teases a Mysterious New Weapon in Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Rian Johnson teased a “new hue” of lightsaber in the latest issue of Parade Magazine. It’s kept deliberately vague of course—only Rey and Kylo’s blue and red sabers are mentioned, so it’s possible the “new” hue could be the green of Luke’s Return of the Jedi lightsaber, or it could be something else entirely. Start speculating wildly in the comments below!

Meanwhile, Adam Driver says that many things will “never be revealed” about Kylo Ren, lending to the character’s air of mystery:

I mean, there’s like a bits of pieces that we started working on that kind of, I know are answered in this one that we kind of started in The Force Awakens, that I knew was operating you know when we were doing that one, that I knew as time went that they kind of reveal themselves but even if those things, there’s a lot of those things that will never be revealed and there’s no plans to. There are things that I think about that, for me, is what makes it kind of more fun in the playing of them, you know.

Source: IO9